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The most acupressure points
Three sizes, M, L & XL

Best in test!
The Yantra mat was chosen as the best by the
Swedish magazine 'Kropp & Själ' ('Body & Soul')


How many pressure points does the Yantra mat have?
- The Yantra mat has 8820 - 14616 pressure points and each mat is constructed with 210 - 348 flowers. Each flower consists of 42 pressure points. The points are calibrated, which means that the manufacturing process gives a precise result, each pressure point is equally sharp (please compare with other mats). We believe that quality is of significant importance to achieve optimal effect!


Who can use the Yantra mat?
- Everybody! It provides the greatest impact on you if you’re stressed out, sleep poorly, have low energy, muscle tension, stiffness, headache, back or neck pain, or simply need a better and more complete sleep / rest to get more daily energy. Always consult your doctor in case of documented medical diagnoses or concerns.


Is it certain that the Yantra mat produces results?
- Yes. We receive daily appreciative calls and letters regarding the effects of the acupressure mat.


What happens in the body?
- The blood circulation and oxygen flow to the body's muscles and organs seem to increase. Blood pressure is reduced and it is the pain signals sent to the brain which releases the body's "feel-good" hormones. The body's endorphins and oxytocin increases and gives a relaxing effect which makes the Yantra mat suitable if you have difficulty sleeping. You gain energy, alertness, lower blood pressure and increased wellbeing. Many testify to strong pain relief and better sleep at night.


I have a broad back, is there is a mat for me?
- Sure. The Yantra mat is available in 3 different sizes to fit just your back. Medium, Large and Extra Large. Of course, the number of calibrated pressure points increases with the size of the carpet. However it is not required that a large person must have a large mat. Even the medium size will fit a broad back, but the larger sizes treat a larger area. Many would like to use the acupressure mat over large areas, such as both the back and buttocks, and when buying other acupressure mats (other brands) have to buy two mats. We wanted to avoid this problem, and therefore we simply designed the larger mats to meet all possible needs.


Can children use the mat?
Sure, they experience the same benefits as adults and the mat can be used before bedtime to relax. Just be sure to put a cloth in between, as children have more sensitive skin. However the Yantra mat is not a toy and should not be used without adult supervision.


Is the mat hygienic?
Yes. Mix a little detergent in warm water and wash by hand. Rinse thoroughly several times and drip dry at room temperature or with the benefit of fresh air. Do not use a washing machine or tumble dryer, as the Yantra mat and machinery may be damaged.


How does the Yantra mat affect the skin?
Small pits on the skin will occur after using the acupressure mat but they usually disappear after a few hours or in rare cases after a few days. The redness that occurs is due to the increased blood circulation and is a positive effect of the Yantra mat’s calibrated pressure points.


Can I use the Yantra mat on other parts of the body than the back?
Of course you can, but because there is no documentation of increased effects when used on other body parts, we would recommend that you treat the back first. The back is after all the body's largest single treatment area, and the peptide hormones that are released affect the entire body. Neck and shoulder areas can be point treated to good effect.
We then recommend that you put a pillow under the Yantra mat for the best effect.


I have acne and scars on my back; can I use the mat anyway?
Yes. It should not make any difference if you have acne or scars on the body when using the Yantra mat. If you have open acne wounds or scars that have not yet healed, we do not recommend using the mat as it can make the wounds worse. But otherwise it's no problem.


Can I use the Yantra mat even though I am overweight?
Yes, it's no problem at all. It should not be painful to use the Yantra mat; it should feel great but still hurt slightly. It is the pain signals to the brain that release the body's "feel-good" hormones. You can adjust the pressure of the Yantra mat by using a lighter t-shirt or a sheet in between.


Is it dangerous to lie on the acupressure mat for more than 40 minutes?
No. The only risk is that you get deeper marks on your back but they disappear after a while. We would not recommend lying on the acupressure mat for over two hours daily, but no harm is done if it only happens occasionally, many people fall asleep on the acupressure mat.


Should I not use the acupressure mat during a cold?
On the contrary, you should feel free to use the acupressure mat during a cold! The Yantra mat produces a reduced stress level, which is when the infection breaks out, because the body's immune system takes care of the sick cells. (The same as when you get sick during a holiday, when the body has a chance to repair itself.) You can almost never prevent a cold from coming, you have to let it progress and let the body repair itself properly.


Can I use the acupressure mat if I have or have had some form of heart disease?
If you have any heart problems you should use the acupressure mat with caution, lie down for a few minutes at a time and see what feels best for yourself. But there is one exception and that is if you have low blood pressure. The acupressure mat can lower blood pressure further when used, which can lead to fainting when you stand up. You must also be careful if you have just had a heart attack. Always consult your doctor before use at the slightest uncertainty.


Can I use the acupressure mat if I have a rheumatic disease?
Of course you can. People with rheumatism report positive effects from using the Yantra mat.

Can I use the acupressure mat if I have an inflammation of the neck / back?
Absolutely, it can even speed up the healing process, when the blood circulation really gets to work on the inflamed area.

Can I use the acupressure mat if I have infected wounds on my back?
In cases where the user has open wounds, infected or not, we advise against the use of the acupressure mat.