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The most acupressure points
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The Yantra Mat was chosen as the best by
the Swedish magazine 'Kropp & Själ' (Body & Soul)


As a new Yantra Mat user we recommend that you accustom your body gradually


Carefully lie down on the Yantra Mat.  For the first 3-5 minutes you will most likely experience a certain pain.  This pain will subside eventually.  Breathe deeply in a calm manner and relax.  Distribute your weight evenly over the contact points.  If you feel that the pain is too much, place a thin cloth between your body and the mat (such as pillow case, sheet, or cotton T-shirt).  You will gradually become more and more acclimated.  Then you can use the Yantra Mat without a protective layer.


As humans we all have a different sensitivity to pain and certain medical conditions can make us more sensitive to pain.  But even those with a low pain threshold can use the Yantra Mat.  It then becomes especially important to listen to your body’s signals and place something between the Yantra Mat and your skin, if the pain your experience becomes too much.


The one thing that is common for most users is that after usage they feel the presence of tranquillity.  - A feeling of satisfaction.


Days 1-4 - we recommend about 10 minutes. 
Try it in the middle of the day.  Certain individuals become tired after use and some people fall asleep the first time.  Other people feel like they get an energy boost immediately after use.  This adjusts once you start using the mat more frequently.


Days 5-14 - we recommend about 20 minutes.
Use the mat at bedtime.  If you fall asleep, that’s ok.  Relax and let yourself nod off.  It’s important not to let yourself become hypnotized by the clock.  The most important thing is to relax.  It doesn’t matter if your total time on the mat is more than 20 minutes.  Remove the mat when you wake up and go back to sleep.  Hopefully you’ll eventually feel that you awake more refreshed and with more energy for the day ahead.


After 14 days - you will have learned a lot about the Yantra Mat and the effects it has on you.  You can then prolong your time on the mat.  Try 20-40 minutes.  It doesn’t matter if you lay longer than that.  Some individuals take breaks from the Yantra Mat for short periods of time, while the majority prefers to use it daily for maximum effect. People with autoimmune disorders appear to get the best results with daily use, preferably in the morning.












Position 1: Back
Lay on an even surface.  If possible, place a pillow under your neck.  This stimulates acupressure points along the spine and can soothe back problems.



Position 2: Stomach
Lay on your stomach like in the picture.  This can improve your metabolism and loosen tightness in the diaphragm and respiratory muscles.



Position 3: Jaw
Lay down carefully with your cheek against the mat.  If this feels unpleasant, use a thin sheet.  This position can loosen tightness in the neck and jaw.



Position 4: Seated
You can use the mat on a regular chair, or lie down and place the mat under your buttocks.  This position can loosen tension in the lumbar region and buttocks.


Relaxation Program:
 With these basic positions you can design your own relaxation program to suit your needs.  For example: 10 minutes back position + 10 minutes stomach position + 10 minutes seated position + 5 minutes left cheek + 5 minutes right cheek + 10 minutes back position.


The body’s waste products are released and it’s a good idea to drink water at the end of your program.  Give yourself time to rest and recover.