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The most acupressure points
Three sizes, M, L & XL

Best in test!
The Yantra Mat was chosen as the best by
the Swedish magazine 'Kropp & Själ' (Body & Soul)


The Yantra Mat is for everyone, for increased well-being and optimal health. You don’t need to be a yoga master or have a special interest in acupressure in order to use the Yantra Mat.  When you lie down on the plastic contact points on the Yantra Mat’s flowers and distribute your weight evenly, you will feel some temporary pain.  The pain subsides and endorphins and oxytocins are released.  The body’s own pain-relieving and happiness hormones rush into your body.  Many users experience pleasant and refreshing effects as a result of regularly using the Yantra Mat.


“The healing art of acupressure goes back thousands of years in time, and has its roots in eastern medicine.  In traditional Chinese medicine there are 365 acupressure points along the twelve meridians of the body.  (...)  By stimulating the pressure points, therapists say that they can physiologically move and thin out the lactic acid and carbon monoxide which has a tendency to collect in muscle tissue.  It’s this, they claim, that causes muscle stiffness and a general sluggishness in the blood.  In turn, this stiffness affects the nerves, as well as the blood and lymph vessels, which in turn affect the skeleton and internal organs.” “Super Therapies,” Richters, Jane Alexander


The Yantra Symbol
On the back of The Yantra Mat there is a symbol of Indian origin.  A symbol used often in Yoga, a Yantra, a geometric symbol that you can use for meditation.  The root comes from the Sanskrit word yan, which means “form” and tra, which means “free”. 
You can hang your Yantra Mat up with the backside towards your line of sight.  Fix your gaze and stimulate your mind with the Yantra during meditation.  Let your gaze and consciousness disappear into the Yantra.  Simply allow your thoughts to float by.  Do not let your thoughts take hold, but rather just let them vanish. Let your mind have a moment’s rest.


The colours of the Yantra Mat
The colours have symbolic meaning and you can choose for yourself how you wish to let it affect your choice of the Yantra Mat.  According to chromatology, there are symbolic meanings that people are in agreement with.  The Yantra Mat comes in both purple and olive green.  The violet colour stands for meditation, spirituality, intuition and clarity.  The green colour is for harmony, balance, renewal and healing.